The professional team at Wright Vigar will undertake a stress-free audit of your company on behalf of the shareholders.  We will adopt a risk based approach to make sure that the key areas are focused upon, to ensure that the audit is as efficient and effective as possible.

We will work to an agreed timetable, and to a set fee agreement, to provide you with the peace of mind that is achieved through a value for money service.

The audit team will perform a detailed review of the company’s accounting systems.  This process will involve an assessment of the systems of internal control and reporting to you if there are significant weaknesses.

Throughout this process our team will gain a detailed understanding of your business, and will therefore be in an ideal position to be able to offer proactive business advice not just at the year end, but additionally throughout the year.

To ensure that any tax liability is minimised, we will undertake a detailed corporate tax review as part of the audit work. We will also issue the management team and shareholders with a board report containing the results and findings of the audit to help the business to move in the right direction.

We promise that the undertaking of an audit will add value to your business.