Family business

Family BusinessServices for family businesses

Family owned firms not only constitute the majority of our small and medium enterprises, but they also form almost half of the mid-sized business sector.

At Wright Vigar we acknowledge the importance of family owned business and we have a wealth of experience in key issues that may have an impact on the success and growth of your business.

The specialist Family Business team recognise that running a business in this sector has its own unique set of challenges, clear roles and responsibilities, transparent shareholder agreements and timely succession planning are all fundamental to the smooth running of a family owned business.

At Wright Vigar we will support you in a number of important key areas for your unique business:

Strategic planning and corporate finance
Corporate tax planning
– Business and company valuation
– Executive remuneration planning
Succession planning
Inheritance tax planning

Written in 2011, this report still makes interesting reading if you are running a family owned business:

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