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When it comes to knowing how well their business is doing, most owners fall into one of four categories:

  • Those who are fully aware of what is going on in their business at all times.
  • Those who know what is going on, on a quarterly basis.
  • Those who only really know when their accountants speak to them after the year end.
  • Those who don’t know their tax liability until the day before payment is due.

If you are one of the last three types of business owner but would rather be the first and take control of your business, then Wright Vigar are able to help you.  Our team are experienced with many cloud-based accounting solutions. Their role is to give your business more clarity whilst making data entry easier; save you time and help you to focus more on your business growth and achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

In recent years we have seen how companies, partnerships and sole traders can all benefit from moving on to the cloud. Cloud-based accounting systems, when managed correctly, will give you and your business real-time financial information, which will help you to respond to business changes faster than ever before. Our team love to get stuck in with businesses and see where their strengths and weaknesses are and advise accordingly.

Keep a track of business wherever you are
Cloud accounting technology can be used in conjunction with dedicated smartphone and tablet apps, enabling those who have mobile teams to invoice customers on the go, or submit expense reports on the road. The software housed in the cloud can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. You can make sure everything is ticking along whilst you are out of the office, quickly and easily.

With customisable multi-user access you can now collaborate with your team and advisors in ways that just haven’t been possible before. This is where we think the key advantages of the cloud come into play. An accountant can now log in and see your up-to-date accounts from their office, enabling us to stop being simply your year-end number crunchers and tax-bill providers, and start being your business advisors/partners, providing our services to you on key critical business decisions.

Affordable and safe
Cloud packages work on a convenient pay-monthly subscription basis which will help to manage your cash flow; they can also help to reduce your computing costs because all the normal costs like maintenance, upgrades and server failures are no longer your problem. They are all managed by your cloud accounting service provider, automatic back ups are done for you so you’ll never lose your data again. You won’t need to upgrade all your equipment as it’s based in the cloud, which means you can see and share with your team instant cash flow reports, budget variance analysis, debtor and creditor reports and much more with a click of a button.

We believe we can help you grow your business into something spectacular by using these exciting new business tools, and we want to help you to achieve this. The team at Wright Vigar would love to hear from you so feel free to contact us for your first no fee, no commitment business consultation. Please contact one of our cloud solution team at your local office or call our head office on 01522 531341, or e-mail action@wrightvigar.co.uk

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