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Our Approach

At Wright Vigar we are able to offer you all of the services you would expect from a reputable Chartered Accountancy firm, but we’re not content to simply ‘do the books’. We aim to add value by taking a close look at all aspects of our clients’ working life. Looking at the wider context, we make a broader contribution. We’ll consider topics such as pricing strategies, employee relations and customer feedback.

We will work with you to identify what you are in business for. Are you building an enterprise you can sell to fund your retirement? Will your venture be passed to the next generation? Or are you too busy running your business to think about corporate strategy? Presumably it’s not just to work for the tax man!

Whatever your plans for the future, we will be there for you to help you get to where you want to be.

Come and talk to Wright Vigar – we don’t bite and we take your business aspirations seriously.

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