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Urgent work and keeping to deadlines means it’s often difficult to stop and consider the objectives and priorities that will grow your business.

But think what might happen if you have a single, quarterly focus on just one priority, sharing it with all your people and tracking the activities and results…

When you focus on this one priority you will bring attention and drive to the future growth of your business.

In this ‘10x Business Growth* edition of Business Bitesize you will learn, in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea:

  • how Google’s single, quarterly priority focus saw them start late but become the search engine of choice
  • what OKRs are and how using them in your business can give you the superpowers to achieve the priorities needed for serious business growth and success
  • how Bono used OKRs to give priority and focus to his ambitious goal

Your business will succeed when you focus on one significant objective and measure the key results to help you achieve this objective.

Click here** to see the results to your bottom line when you focus on one priority for the next 13 weeks.

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