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From March 2020 the way we work changed, possibly forever. Overnight the business world was faced with the challenge of their people working from home.

So how has your business adjusted to the remote working environment?

Many of the perceived problems that business owners and managers had with their team working remotely have just not materialised.

So, is it time to make the most of this new way of working and focus on the results of your team rather than their hours worked?

In this Results Matter Most edition of Business Bitesize you will learn, in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea:

  • why controlling the time and location of work is a myth and how effort and quality of work will have a greater impact on your business success
  • how a Brazilian manufacturing business grew when it put its people before its policies
  • why allowing time-sledging will put your business growth and future at risk

Get crystal clear on the results required for your team and your business.


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