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The Government have released some key information in response to the most frequently asked questions and here is what we know.

As a charity, will I get support to pay my staff?

Charities are included in the organisations that will get support to pay wages. Employers can contact HMRC to get a grant to cover the majority of the wages for their workers who are on their payroll but, unable to work due to COVID-19.

Can I use reserves and restricted fund to help my charity through the crisis?

First of all, trustees need to consider what their short, medium and longer-term priorities are and think about amending their financial planning during the crisis. Trustees are encouraged to focus on essential spending and consider stopping or delaying projects and spends where possible.

Reserves can be used to help cope with unforeseen circumstances like those currently developing.

You need to identify which of your funds and assets have limits on their use. Where there are restrictions, you may be able to amend these, but accessing or releasing restricted funds should only be considered if other options such as reserves are not possible. We advise seeking professional advice where possible.

Can I cancel or postpone my charity’s key meetings?

With the Governments health advice, you may have no option but to cancel or postpone your AGM and other key meetings. If you do so, then you need to ensure you record this to demonstrate good governance of your charity.

Please see the website for further details or contact us on 0845 880 5678.

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