Guidance in response to HMRC’s debt collection action. - Wright Vigar
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We are aware that some taxpayers are getting unannounced visits from HMRC’s bailiff teams (known as ‘field force’) as the governments softer approach to debt collection and time to pay comes to an end.

Not all taxpayers will be aware that they owe tax when the ‘field force’ arrives at their property. Therefore, we advise to keep the following points in mind if you are visited by a field force agent:

  1. As a taxpayer you are not legally obliged to allow HMRC access to your property. If you get an unannounced visit, refuse HMRC access to your home or business.
  2. Request that ‘field force’ leave the letter from HMRC’s debt management and banking department (DMB), which will explain why you are being visited.
  3. Contact us and request we communicate with HMRC on your behalf.
  4. Remember if HMRC enters your property, you do have the right to request that they leave and there are no legal or financial consequences from doing so.
  5. Do not allow HMRC employees to take any documentation or information without your permission and request a receipt for any records taken. We advise you do not consent to the removal of documentation.


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