“If you need support, get in touch with us,” say HMRC. - Wright Vigar
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The message from HMRC is clear: where businesses are in distress it will provide support, but there must be ongoing conversations.

During the course of the pandemic, HMRC have been at the centre of the government support for both businesses and individuals. To help businesses and individuals get their debt under control, HMRC are asking people to get in touch if they are worried about making payment. HMRC have confirmed they will continue to offer case-by-case deferrals and will always try to set up a time-to-pay arrangement where possible.

“Whilst it has been a real challenge for HMRC to get customers’ debt under control and into a payment plan, they are committed to doing everything they can to support you. They look at your personal circumstances and offer you a payment plan for a length of time that works for you, while keeping payment affordable. If you are able to clear the debt quicker or need more time, HMRC can always revisit the plan if need be but the important point to note is keeping in contact so they can support you effectively.

So, who should you talk to if contact with HMRC is to be maintained? For larger companies, there is likely to be an HMRC customer contact manager in place. For individuals, HMRC advise using the telephone number that appears on their correspondence, but it is also worth checking out their online guidance that has been created in the pursuit of a more customer-friendly approach.”

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