September Edition - Working Triggers - Wright Vigar
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How much do you think the success of your business is determined by your working environment?

Even your most motivated people need help finding the discipline and structure to get things done.

Only when you choose the right behavioural triggers will you create working behaviours to bring about an improved working environment and improve the results of your business.

In this ‘working triggers* edition of Business Bitesize you will learn, in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea:

  • how CEO Alan Mulally’s introduction of structure had a dramatic effect on Ford Motor Cars’ success
  • why his working environment has made 57 seconds a reality for Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty
  • how you take control of the success of your business when you choose your work environment triggers

When you consciously choose your work environment triggers to encourage constructive working habits and the best work environment, you set yourself up for greater success in your business.

Click here* to discover how to remove triggers that encourage destructive working habits and install triggers that encourage constructive working habits.

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