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HMRC has published new claims templates for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to help simplify the process.

As the CJRS enters its final phase, HMRC has updated its claims templates covering 100 or more members of staff and has also published a new template for those claiming for between 16 and 99 employees.

The new template aligns with the 100+ employee claim process so that employers can select a reason for any missing NINO and continue with the claim, rather than having to call HMRC as they have done previously.

HMRC has also confirmed that the templates have been amended to help employers avoid errors. If a mistake is made the claim will not be accepted, the errors will be highlighted to help employers correct them and then resubmit their claim. Mistakes that will be highlighted include:

  • details input using the wrong format,
  • incorrect details, and
  • duplicate or missing information.

HMRC urges employers not to change the format of the template before they submit a claim, warning that different formats will not be accepted by HMRC’s system.

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