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At Wright Vigar we are fortunate to work with some amazingly talented individuals within the creative industries and design sectors.
  • Plain English!
  • Help with strategy, planning, compliance and even general business ‘stuff’
  • Specialist advice by an accredited expert

Sector Details

By their own admission *the majority of* individuals working in this incredibly talented sector dread having to mess around with such things as spread sheets, tax returns and VAT records. Nor should they have to – not when Wright Vigar are around!

We specialise in making sense of the numbers and ensuring that all the ‘accountancy speak’ is explained to our clients in plain English. By taking this approach we are ensuring our clients are working as effectively as possible in their business, allowing them to operate by utilising their strengths whilst we are supporting their business by utilising our skills to their advantage.

Not many creatives set up as a design business for the thrill of the corporate world, but to create the best environment to create great work for clients. Wright Vigar can help you with strategy, planning, compliance and general business ‘stuff’ so you can concentrate on being a great creative.

Jack O’Hern is a dba accredited expert and works with many design businesses large and small.

Wright Vigar and the creative industries sector – a truly effective partnership!

If you would like to hear a little more about the refreshing approach we take to supporting our clients, simply click here to find your local office and give us a call – or email us at – we look forward to hearing from you.



Darren Ashley

Associate Director

Gainsborough & London

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Jack O’Hern


Lincoln & London

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