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Estate Planning

Our estate planning approach involves a detailed review of your assets. We will listen to you to understand how you want your personal wealth (and lifetime savings) to be passed on (whether to immediate family, charity or friends).
  • Carried out in close partnership with your solicitors
  • Includes a review of both your present and long-term lifestyle requirements
  • Other complementary services include succession planning, retirement planning and wealth management

Service Details

We can offer practical advice to implement a strategy so that your assets pass to those you want them to go to and with the degree of control that you wish (such as via a trust arrangement). Succession planning and family relationships are a key part of these considerations.

Any planning should be carried out in close partnership with your solicitors – making sure that you have a will in place which is as tax-efficient as it can possibly be and that your will reflects your present wishes.

Although the focus is on estate planning, some planning can, and almost always should, be carried out during your lifetime. We can advise you on what is appropriate, tailored to your personal circumstances, whilst ensuring you retain sufficient resources to fund both your present and long-term lifestyle requirements.

As estate planning looks at the wider picture we can offer other services that complement this process – such as succession planning, retirement planning and wealth management.



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