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Pensions & Auto-enrolment

The law surrounding pensions has changed, and every employer in the UK will be required to help more of their workers save for their retirement.
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All employers must set up a scheme and auto-enrol eligible employees by a certain date – these dates are staged dependant on the number of employees you have.

These new regulations could prove onerous and costly for small business, but at Wright Vigar we can work together to minimise both – however, it is crucial that you start planning for these changes sooner rather than later.

If you would like to discuss your company’s circumstances and the implications of the new rules for you and your business, please call Carolyn Cunningham, Payroll Bureau Manager, or one of her team, on 01522 531341 or email us at website@wrightvigar.co.uk – we look forward to being able to assist you in this matter.



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Payroll Services Manager

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