Corporate finance

Corporate finance

There is no substitute for experience. Not just in negotiating a deal, but also in advising on deal structures, modelling likely financial outcomes, helping to raise finance, and dealing with tax and other issues that arise as part of a deal. We offer a hands-on, personal service. A director will be responsible for each assignment and will attend all meetings and handle the project.

When it comes to selling companies, timing is critical. Selling too early means you do not realise enough value on the deal, but leaving it too late and getting too greedy may cause the deal to collapse. A key question is “When is the best time to sell your company?” We will assess market conditions, the track record of the company and ensure the timing is right for the individuals concerned to help you achieve maximum value for your company.

We can help you develop your acquisition strategy, identify potential targets, assess the valuation, negotiate the deal through to completion and raise the necessary capital. Often acquisitions fail if the strategy is not well thought out, or it is too difficult to integrate the business you are acquiring with your own business, or if the deal is not fundable by financiers. We will help you to look at all of these issues at an early stage to ensure you are on the right track.

In the case of management buy-outs, management teams need to know how to position themselves to successfully raise finance to fund the buy-out. The buy-out process can be complicated, time-consuming and often risky for management, so it is critical to get corporate finance expertise on board to guide you through the process.

So whether it’s assisting your business on company purchases, sales, mergers, reorganisations, management buy-outs and buy-ins or obtaining funding, our role is to ensure you get the right deal on the right terms.