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By taking on real work from the start and assuming early responsibility, you will be exposed to a variety of clients and industries. There are many opportunities to learn about the challenges that affect companies, and no two days are the same. You learn while working and obtain real-world experience that will help you pass your exams.


We provide excellent training, robust support, mentoring, and a collaborative culture that ensures there is always someone available to offer assistance and guidance. The atmosphere at WV is welcoming, and everyone is approachable.




Liam Knight

Liam is one of our tax trainees and on a typical day he spends his time doing a variety of different tax-related work for our clients. The team work alongside Liam to help him understand new areas of tax that he was not aware of before, which not only helps him improve the quality of his work, but it also gives him the knowledge needed to pass his professional qualifications.


Liam said

‘I really enjoy being able to manage my own workload rather than being told exactly what to do and when to do it. I also find it fascinating learning about new areas of tax and how they work in real world scenarios rather than just in exam questions.


I found out about Wright Vigar through a member of my family who has used the company’s services for many years, they said that the staff that they dealt with were professional and friendly, I then checked the vacancies page and there was a graduate role in tax available, the company stood out to me as I have heard a lot of positive things about it. I really enjoy the flexibility that the company provide in working hours, and the fact that the company has invested in my development by funding my studies and trusting me to manage my workload myself.’

Matt Allen

Matt is one of our accounts graduates and is involved in a huge range of tasks, from audit and substantive testing to general accounts’ duties and VAT returns for a mixture of our clients.


Matt said

‘I really enjoy working with colleagues who are always readily available to help and support me throughout the typical day. WV care about people, which not only underpins great relationships with clients, it contributes to a fantastic WV community.


Instantly from meeting the team in my interview, I knew that WV are genuinely interested in what you have to say about yourself. Studying towards qualifications can be quite daunting while having a full-time job, however WV offer generous study days to support your own career progression.


I have been able to work with a range of clients on-site; large and small. Clients have a range of avenues in which they dip their toes in, and this has given me a wider understanding of how businesses operate – financially and systematically.’


Rachel Crowston

Rachel’s job varies on a daily basis; she could be anything from preparing sole trade and company accounts, to VAT and Self-Assessment tax returns, to software training and catch-ups with her managers.


Rachel said

‘Whilst my days may differ, the thing that remains constant is that I feel supported by and can have a laugh with my team, which is always important!


The team at Gainsborough are one of the main reasons I enjoy the job; everyone is so friendly and willing to help with anything! In terms of the job itself, I like the wide range of areas within the profession that I am exposed to at work – I get to experience accounts and tax return preparation, as well as audit. I also enjoy integrating my study with work and seeing how the things I learn in each module apply to the jobs I am doing in the office.’


Work hard, and start applying for jobs early, because once you manage to get into a good job role such as the ones available at WV, you’ll be set for life.


Liam Knight

A lack of experience does not matter, the team works with you to achieve excellence!


Matt Allen

You don’t have to have studied accountancy at university to apply! Don’t be put off by the fact that your degree may not feel relevant to the field; it is! A degree provides you with so many transferrable skills that will help you within accountancy.


Rachel Crowston

Why work in accounting?


Earning potential:


Successful chartered accountants have a very good earning potential.




Learn and progress in a growing firm with a knowledgeable and supportive team.




Accountants are always needed, so once qualified your job security is high.




It’s not essential that you have a degree to start your journey, you can join straight from school.

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